The View From the Window

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Real life love stories are better than fiction any day.  Nick and Lilah fell in love with each other on a special spot of land they discovered while taking a walk on their first date.  When they decided shortly after that they would build a life together, they wanted to do it on the spot where they watched the sun set that first night. Wanting to be able to share the joy of every sunset to its full extent, they set about finding a multitude of antique windows.  They assembled the disparate windows side by side to fill the complete Western exposure and frame the view of the setting sun, and together they appreciate the view each and every night.  The result of their efforts is a quirky cottage–the perfect place for a happily ever after.

For photos and a video check out The Jealous Curator.

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I am a married mother of three fabulous young adults. I have been married to one great guy for over a quarter of a century and hope we haven't reached the halfway point of our marriage yet. Writing helps me sort things out and allows me to avoid unsavory tasks that I probably should be doing. I've reached middle age in middle America and am anxious to see what comes next.

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    1. Do you ever read the Jealous Curator? She finds some amazing stuff. I just loved this quirky little place lit up at night. Too sweet.

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