Spring Color

I have been so ready for color to return to my world I could barely stand it!  It finally has, and I am counting the rainbow hues among my blessings.  Some of these colors are from Kansas, some from Texas, but all are the colors of spring.

texas spring strawberry

Texas spring



yellow wildflower in Texas

coral rose

from my own backyard

Texas bluebonnet and wildflower

woodland flox

poppyAnd on the drive back from Texas I saw more white….as in snow.  Spring, don’t fail me now!



Mama Kat’s Top Ten Things of Spring

as well as #436-445 of My One-Thousand Gifts.

Ten Things of Thankful

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35 thoughts on “Spring Color”

    1. I was so desperate for color I had to go out searching! Sure it took me three states, but spring is out there if you look hard enough!

  1. very nice… (never have learned the ‘actual name’ for flowers and other slow-moving lifeforms), but I do enjoy the rose-based plants and nice camera work with #5!

    1. Sometimes I consider myself one of the slow-moving lifeforms…more often as I age…so that might be why I relate well to the flowers and other slow movers!

    1. Stupid spam has been attaching malicious stuff to some of the frequent commenters’ comments lately. Bet a bug got yours.

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