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The Tegernsee Church

The church interior at Tegernsee was a study in contrasts.  The ceiling and religious icons were fine and gilded while the woodwork in the church was unvarnished, weathered and warped with age. One of the things that I love about … Continue reading

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Tegernsee Church Cemetery

As we wound our way around Lake Tegernsee we passed through each little town that dotted the shore.  The smattering of towns were so close together that you could actually see what was happening downtown in one from the next … Continue reading

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Vanderbilt in Black and White

Vanderbilt was one of our stops on the Great Grad School Parade of 2015.  Cornelius Vanderbilt is depicted in the sculpture above.  He was seventy-nine years old when he contributed the funds that launched Vanderbilt University.  The notation on the … Continue reading

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The Gate

Too many people spend their energy building walls.  So much effort is put into separating “us” from “them”.  Race, lifestyle, religion, politics…each a brick piled one on the other until the wall finally keeps us apart, isolating us from the … Continue reading

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Complete Faith

I woke this morning with a memory of a little girl and Vacation Bible School.  There was a tropical theme that year, and we had gone all out on decorations.  In the center of a large display stood a cardboard … Continue reading

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