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Ideal Christmas

  Mama Kat question of the week: How would you spend your dream Christmas if money was no issue? The leg lamp from A Christmas Story has resurfaced in Georgetown, TX. With or without money I wouldn’t change a single thing … Continue reading

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TToT: Thanksgiving

#854-868 of my One Thousand Gifts Normally by Thanksgiving the trees are bare and the lawn is littered in color.  This year the trees are still covered in leaves of varying colors. A local horticulturalist says that a freak snap … Continue reading

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Complete Faith

I woke this morning with a memory of a little girl and Vacation Bible School.  There was a tropical theme that year, and we had gone all out on decorations.  In the center of a large display stood a cardboard … Continue reading

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All Saints Day 2014

A return to Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris- Where the headstones tell stories. (Can you spot the Eiffel Tower in the distance along the horizon?) Row after row of graves fill this huge cemetery. For All the Saints Wm. How … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Dear Susie

Today would have been my mother’s 95th birthday.  To mark this special day I have compiled a list of the ten things I am most grateful for in the way I was raised.   I am glad my parents introduced … Continue reading

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