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Happy Birthday, Dear Susie

Today would have been my mother’s 95th birthday.  To mark this special day I have compiled a list of the ten things I am most grateful for in the way I was raised.   I am glad my parents introduced … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, America

One day last summer the sun was bright, and the breeze just right.  I watched the flag waving for the longest time caught under the spell of its beauty.  It felt so peaceful, as though all was right with the … Continue reading

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Texas Bluebonnets

I was finally in Texas during the height of bluebonnet season. My daughters and I and a bunny named Ella went for a ride in the country and came across these sweet smelling beauties. This is Ella. She explored the … Continue reading

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Notre Dame

Our visit to Paris last fall corresponded with the celebration of the 850th anniversary of Notre Dame.  I was still trying to wrap my brain around that fact when the church facade came into view. The detailed stonework and stained … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Easter Eggs

I saw an ad for McCormick food coloring that suggested coloring Easter eggs in shaving cream and food dye.  Details were sketchy, but they had my attention so I made it up as I went along. Boil  your eggs and … Continue reading

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