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Complete TToT

Years ago I developed the habit of ending each day with a journal.  Each night’s entry was a very simple list–five things I found to be thankful for that day.  In 2011 I discovered Ann Voskamp and her book One Thousand … Continue reading

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TToT: Holy Week

#973-991 of my One Thousand Gifts Holy Week for me began in Georgetown, TX.  We attended Palm Sunday service at the First United Methodist Church and were warmly received.  Palms were waved, favorite hymns sung.  It was wonderful. Graduation is … Continue reading

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A Quarter Century of Motherhood: TToT

My first born turned 25 this week.  Twenty-five-years-old.  A quarter of a century. Nearly half my lifetime ago I became a mother.  Looking at this photo of us on our first Mother’s Day through my bifocaled eyes today, I now … Continue reading

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We have seen many lighted trees outside homes in Germany, but not any lights on the houses themselves.  The towns and cities are draped in strings of lights, but homes are very simply decorated with the exception of the occasional … Continue reading

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Visions of Sugar Plums

Strolling through a Marienplatz market in Munich yesterday, I was reminded why so many of the Christmas traditions at my house come from our German roots.  The Germans really know how to do Christmas!  I can not imagine what it … Continue reading

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