Angel Second Class


One of my all time favorite movies is It’s a Wonderful Life.  It stars the incomparable Jimmy Stewart and moves me to tears no matter how many times I watch it.  So, when I noticed that Adam Hamilton at Church of the Resurrection had based a sermon on the movie, I immediately streamed it.

Hamilton reminds us that God uses angels as messengers for all of us, though very few of these angels look a thing like Clarence Oddbody.  George’s angels included his wife, Mary who called on others to help George.  They included all the people who George had helped, who in turn came to George’s aid when called.

Hamilton recounts stories people have told him of the angels of their lives.  Some take a supernatural flavor, as in messages from loved ones who have died.  Most  are angels in the form of a human being, either a stranger or someone who is known.  In my own life, those angels have generally been people under 4 feet tall.  Children have brought me many messages that I believe come straight from God.  This is a phenomenon I have been aware of for many years, so I admittedly listen a little more carefully to children than I do to fellow grown-ups.

In his sermon, Hamilton offers food for thought.  If God is using other people to bring messages to you, it only makes sense that He might call on you someday to serve as an angel for others.  This idea challenges me to be alert and open to this call.  When someone comes to my mind I will send up a prayer.  I will contact someone I suspect is hurting or ill.  I will take action when I feel an urging.  As of today I accept the challenge.  Like Clarence, I will be an AS2 (Angel Second Class).  Then maybe-just maybe- someday I’ll get my wings.


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I am a married mother of three fabulous young adults. I have been married to one great guy for over a quarter of a century and hope we haven't reached the halfway point of our marriage yet. Writing helps me sort things out and allows me to avoid unsavory tasks that I probably should be doing. I've reached middle age in middle America and am anxious to see what comes next.
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14 Responses to Angel Second Class

  1. Those little angel candle holders remind me of a set of little baby angels my Mom had all her life. They were in various positions and poses, wearing what looked like little red footie pajamas with their wings, and playing musical instruments.

    • may says:

      I have posted that photo before when my daughter found this set to replace the ones we had when I was little. There were about four different versions that must have been made in the 1950s. And judging by people’s response to this photo they were in homes all across America (despite the “made in Japan” label on their base). It never ceases to amaze me how much so many of us share in common one way or another.

  2. Adrienne says:

    My favorite anyone post of the season…wonderful food for thought as we start the new year – both to open our hearts to messages meant for our ears, and to be the balm in the lives of others when we’re called. My son watched the movie for the first time the other day {his girlfriend’s suggestion!} and he hasn’t stopped talking about it! Happiest, Merriest Christmas to you – you are an angel in my life…and I look forward to all that we will continue to share together in 2014!!

    • may says:

      Me too, Adrienne! I look forward to seeing the world through your lens each and every week. You are part of my mental health routine!

  3. Rita says:

    Really love the idea of being an angel second class. And love those angels. My mom has a set very much like them.

  4. Barbara says:

    Well, you may not be aware, May, but your writing has served as an angel with or without wings many times. You’ve soothed, you’ve inspired, you’ve reminded me of what’s important, you’ve made me smile, and your visits to my site and comments there always inspire me to keep on writing and being appreciative of the life and the loved ones I love writing important. God bless you for that and happy holidays to you and yours.

    • may says:

      What encouraging words, Barb! I feel exactly the same about all that I find in your writing and the beautiful images you include with your pieces. I will be looking forward to much more in the coming year. I have a feeling the year will hold lots of joy for you!

  5. MJ says:

    Oh my. I thought this was beautiful. I too feel the need to strive to be an Angel Second Class.

  6. I do agree. And if we are to be those messengers, we have to listen and act on that little nudge we get in our spirits. Love this. Love the photo. And a very Merry Christmas May.

  7. Sheri says:

    That is such a beautiful thought and such a beautiful picture. I have no doubt that your wings are waiting for you.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you the best in 2014, blog friend!

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