Texas Bluebonnets

I was finally in Texas during the height of bluebonnet season.

bluebonnets OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy daughters and I and a bunny named Ella went for a ride in the country and came across these sweet smelling beauties.

ella in bluebonnets

This is Ella.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She explored the bluebonnets and found them much to her liking…



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Notre Dame

850 Anniversary Notre DameOur visit to Paris last fall corresponded with the celebration of the 850th anniversary of Notre Dame.  I was still trying to wrap my brain around that fact when the church facade came into view.

notre dame

notre dame

notre dameThe detailed stonework and stained glass of the cathedral are mind boggling.  This structure was so clearly a labor of love that it touched my heart much deeper than I had anticipated it could.

notre dame

Within the cold stone walls of this cavernous place I could smell the incense of so many years’  continuous worship; pray without ceasing took on a whole new meaning to me.

notre dame notre dame

I felt God’s presence strongly each time we visited Notre Dame.  It served as a wonderful reminder that whether I am home or half-way around the world, He is with me always.

Happy Easter.

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Spring Color

I have been so ready for color to return to my world I could barely stand it!  It finally has, and I am counting the rainbow hues among my blessings.  Some of these colors are from Kansas, some from Texas, but all are the colors of spring.

texas spring strawberry

Texas spring



yellow wildflower in Texas

coral rose

from my own backyard

Texas bluebonnet and wildflower

woodland flox

poppyAnd on the drive back from Texas I saw more white….as in snow.  Spring, don’t fail me now!



Mama Kat’s Top Ten Things of Spring

as well as #436-445 of My One-Thousand Gifts.

Ten Things of Thankful
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Texas Longhorns

texas longhorns

Spent some time mingling with the locals down in Texas last weekend.  Longhorns never fail to impress with their size and that massive headgear.  These cattle were stopping traffic just outside Georgetown.  Resting near a fence, they were content to pose for a bunch of out-of-towners like myself.

I was struck by the beauty of the cow in the front on the right side.  I have never seen a more photogenic cow.  Look at the tilt of her head, subtle and alluring and just the angle the photographers always try to get out of me as I awkwardly jerk my head about until they finally give up.

longhornsHere she is again, that super-model of bovines.  The dark guy to the left rear blinks as the shot is taken.  The light guy behind her appears drunk with his eyes half-mast and horns pointing different directions.  But the lovely cow sits serenely, titling her head in the most becoming of ways.

I have always been a skittish meat eater, and as I realize I am smitten with this Longhorn cow I think I may have just stumbled across why I have mixed emotions about eating beef.

texas longhornOver the past several years we have attempted to eat locally when possible.  As much as I can, I like to know where our food comes from.  If it was grown closely enough that I know the farmer, chances are really good that the nutrient levels are still high and the food will nourish us well.

I get eggs from one of the teachers at school, milk from a dairy on the county line.  There are people at church who provide us with corn and juicy tomatoes every summer.  The fruit trees in our own backyard offer us a bounty.  But when it comes to something that once had long eyelashes and big brown eyes, I get a little queasy.

bovine close-up

brandAll it takes is the sight of this brand on the hindquarters of one of the Longhorns to remind me that this herd is being grown as a food product.  My rancher nephews have no problem with this concept.  I remember enjoying a barbecue at my sister’s right up until the moment her youngest son asked, “Is this Snowball?” about his burger.  I remembered Snowball.  My dinner was over.

Texas Longhorns

I doubt if I will ever get as blasé as my nephew, but we have just ordered a side of beef from a guy my husband knows.  He and his dad raise the cattle.  They feed them grass rather than a corn diet they were never meant to ingest.  They deal in small enough numbers raised in large enough quarters that they have no need to load them up with antibiotics.  And on occasion the farmer has even been known to give the cows a hug or two.


OK,  I know the hug thing was supposed to make me feel better, but now I am back to thinking about the long eyelashes and pretty cow again.

I think I will just go with a grilled cheese sandwich.  Then nobody gets hurt.longhorns

My Memory Art

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Lots of times I share a photo at Black and White Wednesday.  Hostess Adrienne has such a good eye and takes beautiful photographs which she pairs with the perfect sentiment every time.  For weeks, Adrienne’s photos have revealed signs of spring well beyond any I have seen here in Kansas.  I mentioned to her how little spring we have had, and she suggested putting the camera on macro and taking a walk.  Sure enough, spring was as close as my own back yard.

bud buds buds bud

Little miracles were budding all around me, and I had totally missed them.  Life has been so drab and gray, I assumed bleakness was all that existed.  At first I really had to look to find the promise of spring, but the more I recognized the small signs the more evident and undeniable the promise of new life, color and light became.


When you learn to find blessings in the smallest things, the big things become positively spectacular.



My Memory Art
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