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book stack

We use books in a variety of ways around the house.  Stacked they make a “shelf” or give height to a lamp.  My daughter placed stacks of books on top of a black armoire against a white wall to inject color into her space.  The color can be a mishmash or can be sorted with like colors together if you are trying to accent with a specific color.

Some book covers are pretty on their own; some need a little help.  My husband’s Catholic School experience comes in handy when the books are ugly ducklings.  The nuns apparently insisted the kids cover their books in paper at the beginning of each school cover

We pulled scraps of wall paper from a tub of leftovers in our basement, and my husband proceeded to transform two ugly duckling books into something pretty.

paper sizing

Step 1: Make sure your paper is large enough to cover the book, centering the book so that the spine of the book runs along the fold of the paper.  The opening edges of the book and paper will be on the same side.   The paper must be a couple inches longer than the height of the book.  The width of the paper should be a minimum of 2 inches longer than the cover of the book in both the back and the front.

folding paper coverStep 2: Fold the bottom edge of the paper up so that it is flush with the bottom edge of the book.   Crease two different spots where the upper fold will be. Now fold the top edge down so that it is flush with the book’s top edge.  The width will still be oversized compared to the book.

book cover book cover



Step 3:  Stick the book back inside the paper again.  Crease the side edges and wrap them to the insides of the book cover.


folding the sides


The side folds will give a two layer pocket to slide the cover into.  Once in place if it should slip, you can tack it down with a piece of tape.

book cover

stack of books

Mix the covered books with others to use in your decorating.

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Mutterday: Lets Get Moving

mutterday button

Each week we observe Mutterday–a chance to compare what mother (aka mutter) has going in Kansas and what son is up to in Germany.



About the time I was washing sleep from my eyes in order to face a new week, people in Germany were wide eyed and flying a zeppelin in Friedrichshaffen (the home of the zeppelin).

Muttterday 27.10.14

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Used Books


vintage book

Used books are an inexpensive way to bring color and interest to a room at little to no cost.  When my sister’s small town library purged their collection, she gathered a box of visually interesting children’s books for me.  The library was giving discarded books away to anyone willing to take them.  Our own library does a bag sale each fall; fill an entire grocery bag for $5.00.

inside cover vintage book

I love mid-century children’s books for their graphics.  Their antiquated points-of-view are eye-opening.  Multicultural perspectives were not the stuff of these examples of historical non-fiction.

vintage book

I wanted to use this book opened, because the long ago broken spine had been repaired by a sticky, black library tape some decades back.  I didn’t find the tape particularly attractive especially in comparison to the quaint illustrations and rich yellowed pages.

vintage book

I rolled the first half-dozen pages in half and tucked them in towards the middle of the book.  This made the cover stay opened at a 45 degree angle.  I then tucked a few family photographs between the pages and set the book on a shelf in my daughter’s china cabinet as a photo display.  Since I had the book on hand, it took about five minutes to add a splash of personality to a bare shelf without spending a dime.

vintage book

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Ten Things of Thankful: Of Furry Friends and Fall



The weather in Kansas is so nice it found Freddie frolicking in the bunny playpen feasting on falling leaves this week.  That’s about three things of thankful right there…four when you toss in the unconditional love.

It was Parent/Teacher conference week which meant a lot of extra work hours.  They couldn’t have come at a better time to distract me from loss.  Three days in a row I worked until I was ready to drop.  After dinner it was time to slip into bed with a flannel nightgown, my hubby and Netflix.  Perfect.

It is hot tea time.  A cup of hot tea and a slice of homemade cinnamon bread.

Ten.  That’s ten.  It may not seem like much of a list, but this week it was all that I needed.











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Stretching the 52 Loaves: Apple Fritters

Recipe here.  A Pinterest find.



not by bread alonedough

I found a recipe for homemade apple fritters at The Kitchn.  Being a fritter fan I decided to stretch the concept of bread for this week’s “loaf”.

apple fritters

The dough and filling steps were not at all hard.  Trouble shooting tips for the frying stage were provided.

frying fritters

apple fritters





Bonus tip for cheap decorating:  We have been combining entertainment and decorating in order to get more bang for our buck, first with the puzzle and then with souvenirs of our travels.  There are also studios of different varieties where you meet friends, and produce something artsy while socializing.  This is a way my oldest daughter has added personal touches to her place.  She has done ceramics at a pottery place and made a colorful plate at a fused glass place.  Most recently, she met a group of her dental friends at an Oklahoma City establishment called Wine and Palette.  You sip wine and create a painting for your place while enjoying an evening with friends.  Two birds, one stone.


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