TToT: October…How Did That Happen?


fallen oak leaf

How can we possibly be in the tenth month of the year?  October, I love October.  I can make a whole Ten Things of Thankful list about October…

Two of my babies were born in October

The leaves and prairie grasses are beautiful

Pumpkins…which lead to jack o’ lanterns, pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread

The heat finally dissipates

The days become shorter lending themselves to longer nights at home

Fires in the fireplace

The tea kettle whistling on the stove top


And October marks the beginning of family time that will continue into the beginning of next year

As Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Rilla of Ingleside which my daughter The Professor and I read together seven or eight times while she was growing up,   once said,    “I’m so glad I live  in a world where there are Octobers.”


TToT: Alles Gut

(All photos are from the very first day I spent in Paris 2013.)a door in paris

My youngest is happily ensconced in his temporary residence with a host family in Paris.  He left Monday, arrived safely, and was assigned to a family who is making him laugh and filling his belly with fabulous French food.  Whole lot of thankful right there!

a door in Paris

My brother-in-law recently had a very scary experience when he did not know where he was despite being on his farm where he has spent his entire life.  Huge chunks of his memory were missing temporarily, and we were worried about stroke or dementia.  This week he came to seek a diagnosis from a friend of ours who is a kind and bright neurologist.  The condition is termed Transient Global Amnesia, is brought on by stress, and is unlike to recur.  Wow, whole lot of thankful there too!

walking by the river in Paris

Life is good.  The sights, sounds, people and memories–as my son taught me to say in German–alles gut.

Paris Apartments