The Gate

gate in Nashville

Too many people spend their energy building walls.  So much effort is put into separating “us” from “them”.  Race, lifestyle, religion, politics…each a brick piled one on the other until the wall finally keeps us apart, isolating us from the richness we could experience, robbing us of a deeper understanding of life.  I am bone-tired of so many walls;  oh, for the gift of a gate.

gate in Nashville

(A walk in Nashville, TN)


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On The Horizon

A Writer's Book of Days

Something I haven’t done for a long time–a writing prompt from A Writer’s Book of Days and five minutes of unedited writing.  Today’s prompt On the Horizon.



Another trip south on I-35 from Kansas to the middle of Texas.  So much prairie.  The horizon line stretching as far as the eye can see.  This is a trip for uninterrupted dreaming. What lies on the other side of that horizon I wonder.  In this case it is the metaphoric horizon that holds my attention.  I can’t help feeling my family is on the verge of “what comes next”.  Adults every one, I would have said my children no longer really need a mother…until I lost my own.

What will motherhood look like as we cross that horizon?  Companionship.  Camaraderie.  I hope to be the encourager.  Someone to share completely in the joy of accomplishments and to absorb part of the pain.  Someone with whom they can take down the mask, not make the slightest pretense without fear of rejection or judgement.  This is my vision of motherhood on the horizon.

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We Came by Ferry

view from ferry

One December day we boarded a ferry near Fredrichshafen, Germany and glided across Lake Konstanz towards the little piece of Germany on the opposite shore.

konstanz, germany

Konstanz , Germany is an old city.  Buildings are packed one nearly on top of the next.  The architecture reminds me of illustrations from a book of Grimm’s fairy tales.

konstanz, germany konstanz,germany Christmas art in the windowWe were there at Christmas time.  Occupants of this second storey apartment were preparing for the big day, a reminder that as strange as the city might seem to me, there were things we shared in common.

german alley german alley

Regardless of living half a world apart, we all need companionship, beauty and just the right amount of whimsy.

konstanz church fountain in konstanz



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A Walk Through Charlottesville, VA

chocolate shop

Recently my daughter has been visiting potential grad programs where she might study.  A few weeks ago we were at UVA.  While she interviewed and mingled with academics, I meandered the charming old streets of town.

cville theater


I love the old masonry, white columns and colonial architecture of the American East.walkway walkway c-ville masonry a nod to Poe

It is fun to discover the quirky and historical things that a community celebrates.  Edgar Allan Poe was a drop-out of the University of Virginia, but that does not dampen the city’s enthusiasm for him.  His name and likeness pop up all over town.

details VA colonial details va

I love the timeless feel of Charlottesville.  The old and new co-mingle in a way that honors both without requiring residents to choose.


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TToT: Harbingers of Hope

#963-972 of my 1000 Gifts


The week has been filled with signs of Spring, little harbingers of hope.

The yard  is trying to shake off the brown, dryness of winter.  Tiny, bright crocuses push up through the leaves, cheerful reminders that spring is near.


At church the youth group held their annual bake sale, the first event leading up to the annual mission trip.  These trips change lives…mostly the lives of the youth lucky enough to participate.


We are getting ready to head to North Carolina to see the French grad program in Chapel Hill.  They have offered my daughter a welcome and wonderful five year package to teach and study there.  What an exciting time for her–choosing where to embrace the future.


The weather has been so pretty.  Walks in the neighborhood give renewed energy.  Fresh air carries away the stuffiness of winter.


Picking up pieces of trash that has blown into the yard  this winter, I discovered this in a bush.  Found money…always a treat.

My son turned in his application to spend next school year in Paris.

Spring Break means a chance to see all three of my kids…something I can’t get enough of.

I love this time of year.  It is like a promise.  Good things are coming.

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